Dear Papa

It seems we missed each other. You must have been tired. Unfortunately the pilot did not fly as fast as he could have. But sometimes we need to go home, so I understand. I’m sorry we didn’t have the chance to catch up before you left. We could have spoken about the helicopter seeds you sent me in the fall. We didn’t have those in Great Falls. Remember my pellet gun the sheriff confiscated for a year because Justin shot that kid in the butt? I guess kids shouldn’t share everything

Andi and I can’t find the stilts. I’m sure you had them somewhere, but we stopped coming around… They turned us into giants, for a few minutes then our arms got tired. Did your arms ever get tired from being a giant? Did you want us to stand tall? Did you want us to reach the stars? Were you as cheesy as saying something like, “reach the stars.” No, you were about the practical lessons in life. You know, like sneaking up behind my friends and me as I pulled a plastic bag over my head for a laugh. I haven’t put a plastic bag over my head since. Thank you. The subtle saving of a life.

There are a lot of people here. Our little family grew. A lot. You have spread ever so much further from Pine Island than you know. Or maybe you do know. I have always believed that you had a sixth sense in that giant’s blood of yours. Yes, you came a long way. And you are far from stopping. Your giant’s blood will run long and deep.

I was looking forward to a few long talks, hoping you’d be in the mood to tell a good story. Or at least try to convince me to go to the bathroom for you or steal a nose or two from one of the freshman class. They might fall for that, I might pretend to.

You ushered magic into my childhood. I don’t know if that was the intent. But thanks anyway. You taught me to love honeysuckle and building things (I’m glad you’ve never seen how terrible I am at building things. I’ll work on that. I blame it on New York City).

Some people prefer the future and look forward to new memories. Some want to wade in the warm comfort of the past. Me? I like a little of both. We can’t write new stories without knowing the epics of our history. You are an epic, Papa.

I am sorry I missed you. But we’ll catch up soon. I love you. Get home safe and I’ll see you later.